Synergy Health Management


I am sending this message to say a huge thank you to Dr. Mike and everyone in the admin department at Synergy Health Mgmt. You have all been very kind & helpful.

I am very happy with my new orthotics!

I appreciate the education & instruction from Dr. Mike regarding my metatarsal foot thing so much.

I am just about to go for a decent walk to see exactly how much progress I’ve made so far!

I will be back after this pandemic settles down.

Take care
Corinne Irwin
After suffering from a work related injury, I came to Luca Pellanda with neck, back, shoulder pain accompanied with occasional headache. Symptoms were debilitating to the point where i needed to stop going to work and affected my sleep.

After seeing many different doctors and even physiotherapist sessions from another clinic, I had very minimal improvement.

Within 2 massage session with Luca, I felt significant improvement. Symptoms are slowly subsiding and i’m regaining my confidence.

He continues to be instrumental in my being able to continue to work by helping me with pain management.

Luca is very professional and and always intellectually engages me with his massage work which i really appreciate.
Jojo Balauag
Around this time last year, I hopped on one leg and crutches into the office, having not walked or able to bend my knee for three agonizing months. Brianna gave me the knowledge, support and encouragement I needed to heal myself. I worked through a lot of physical pain to get where I am today. She was there to hear about my milestones and to keep pushing me to strive for more. Her kindness and non judgment aloud me to open up and release the emotional pain and stress that surrounded my injury. Most importantly she aloud me to tap into a form of motivation I didn’t know I had. I’m finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Today I’m in Vietnam. One year post knee surgery, I’ve borrowed a friend’s bicycle and have been doing some long distance rides along the coast. I reached a personally record and biked 125km. I truly feel that I’ve been able to accomplish this because of the support and encouragement that Brianna gave to me. My heart is filled with gratitude, Love from Christine
Christine – Victoria
When I was down and chronically injured, Synergy clinic got me back on my feet, literally! The broad spectrum of therapies and professionals really encompasses all aspects needed for me to perform at my best. The team approach is the most effective and has done wonders for me. I’ve hardly missed a day of training due to injury since I started working at Synergy clinic 4 years ago! Jamie Grimes is my lead therapist and will work tirelessly to keep me on track. He’s got so much knowledge and experience with high performance athletes. He’s always had my complete trust and never let me down!
Kirsten Sweetland – Victoria’s own 2006 Junior World Champion and 2010 U23 World Championship Silver Medalist triathlete
I started with my personal trainer at Synergy just after my 65th birthday, 3 years ago. My goal was to get stronger and to remain independent and mobile for as long as possible. I’ve been with the same trainer for this time, and we have accomplished wonderful things! I’ve exceeded my expectations and gained a confidence I’ve never felt before.

Synergy is well named. The practitioners at Synergy all work together for the benefit of the client in their whole body wellness approach. I’ve had occasion to use both the physio and therapeutic massage departments, in addition to the personal training. My best road to healing was discussed over a few coffees, and a holistic and co-operative approach was used. This is a method that was new to me. It’s benefit to the client is immediate.

I look forward to my twice weekly sessions at Synergy, and always feel renewed afterwards. I’m very happy to have taken that first step – it invariably seems to be the hardest!
Susan Walter
Synergy’s ShockWave machine allows me to quickly and completely treat various tendon and ligament injuries. It speeds the healing and increases blood vessels in the area to reduce the chances of injuries reoccurring. Synergy always offers the newest and most effective therapies to prevent injuries or reduce my downtime from training when they occur.
Brent McMahon – National Triathlon Team Athens Olympian; London 2012 Olympian; 3rd 2008 XTerra World Championships
Synergy offers the most cutting edge treatment options available in Victoria. Shockwave therapy equals faster recovery from a brutal wound wipeout or just keeping my legs loose and race ready at all times. They can do it all
Seamus McGrath – Athens ‘08 and Bejing ‘09 Olympian 2009 BC Bike Race Champion 2 Time Commonwealth Games Medalist
When I have a patient with plantar fasciitis I think of Synergy, primarily because they are such heels. But their little CIA device has had an astonishing 100% success rate with my patients who have survived. 100%! That’s a full 64% more than my final mark in medical school. I consider myself negligent if I don’t tell my patients with plantar fasciitis about Synergy.
Dr. David Hepburn MD – Sports Med Specialist, Comedian
As an avid amateur athlete and runner for decades, numerous injuries over the years had cumulated into two decades of chronic, worsening and ultimately, frequent, completely de-habilitating back pain, often literally putting me on the floor for days at a time.

I thought I might end up physically limited for the rest of my life. It was a frightening prospect for the future and I had almost given up when someone told me about Synergy.

Dr. Grimes not only quickly diagnosed my problem, he bent me back into shape and I feel better than I have in a long, long, time. After years of conflicting diagnoses and treatments, Dr. Grimes found what a dozen other medical specialists couldn’t.

I couldn’t be a bigger fan. See you on the trail.
Mark Ross, 59
Patients I refer to Synergy receive excellent treatment and professional advice. Synergy offers more than patient care from the front staff through to all the complimentary services.
Dr. Ewa Jussak-Kiellerman, MD Family Physician
When I refer patients to Synergy I am very confident the quality of care will meet their needs.
Dr. Melina Thibodeau, MD Sports Medicine Physician
I have been working out at the Synergy Wellness Center Gym for the last three months with Mell Russell as my personal trainer. I have noticed a definite improvement in my fitness level, in my balance and in my strength. Mell is a very talented athlete herself and she brings her knowledge and enthusiasm to the hour long session every time. I am very happy that I made the decision to workout with a personal trainer,because I feel motivated and determined to do well,and I also know that I am doing all the exercises properly under my trainer’s supervision.
Kath Mavrikos
I’ve worked out on my own and in classes for years, and I’ve never gotten the results I’m getting from having a personal trainer. I should have done this years ago.
Donna Medegysi
I work at a desk job and just in my 30’s. I recently put my back for the 3rd time in my life and was in a lot of pain all the time. I decided it was time for a lifestyle change so I went to Synergy for personal training. Within a short amount of time I had built the basic core strength needed to function normally and get back to life. Now I feel great and like I have the energy to do what is needed… like tackle the rest of this renovation. Thanks for keeping me healthy!
Chris Davies
My training sessions with Mell at Synergy have become my favourite part of my week. I always feel amazing at the end of a session, and I love how much stronger I have become over the last few months. Synergy has been a perfect fit for me as I recovered from injury and returned to work at a physically demanding job. I know I’m being challenged safely because my trainer is an expert who works closely with the practitioners at Synergy Health Centre. Being guided through a personalized workout by someone as attentive and dedicated to my overall success as Mell is has been completely life changing – body, soul, and spirit! I highly recommend Synergy Wellness Centre to you, no matter what your fitness goals. You’ll appreciate the positive, welcoming, and affirming atmosphere that every member of the Synergy team works hard to foster.
Heather Parker – Urban Farmer, City Harvest Co-operative
Synergy Wellness is like family, they know me by name and I feel welcome everytime I walk through the door. I am working towards improving my fitness level and always feel challenged but never intimidated when I am in a class. Khyl has been my personal trainer and makes me feel empowered each time I train with him. Massage by Amy was exceptional, she really took the time to show me how to help myself get better between appointments. I have one work for Kaillie and Dr. Salmon, the reason I even started coming here, they are both phenomenal!! I can’t thank them enough.
Joanne Mikitka
All of the staff at Synergy Wellness are encouraging, positive and extremely dedicated to helping me achieve my personal goals, overcome obstacles and attain optimal health. I am so glad that I booked a complimentary wellness assessment last year, for my health has greatly improved since!
Kristi Martin 22
After getting whiplash in December 2007, I tried physio, exercise, active release and chiropractic treatments. They all offered only relief. A specialist told me I would have pain for the rest of my life. At the urging of Dr. Grimes, I agreed to try shockwave therapy. I had my doubts but after only 3 treatments, my neck pain of 22 months was virtually gone! Thanks so much, Synergy.
Rachel – Synergy Shockwave Patient
Synergy blows me away! Their incredible knowledge, many techniques and dedication have helped me rebound from many injuries. I trust the team at Synergy to help me continue to follow my passion pain-free.
Megan Cox, Pro Dancer, Ballet Victoria
The team at Synergy Health and Fitness is doing everything possible to help me realize my fit by 50 goal. The instructors are knowledgeable professionals who help to motivate me every day. They keep the boot camps challenging and fun while finding new ways to work around old injuries, to helping me tweak my food choices by reviewing my food journal. The food plan is easy to follow, it’s not a fad and I will continue to follow the guidelines that have helped to make such an amazing lifestyle change for me. With my 50th birthday less than 3 months away, I can honestly say that I look and feel better than I did on my 40th. Thank you to the team at Synergy for helping me get back on track!! I’m back to riding my off rode motorcycles with a confidence I haven’t had in years! I’m actually in the process of making plans for an off road motorcycle trip from the Mexican to Canadian border. If that goes well, we’ll be off through Mexico and South America within the next two years. So amazing to feel fit and healthy again.
Marj Harding