Is a system where practitioners use stored reflexes to stimulate effective muscle activation patterns. As we develop from infants to children we move through progressive patterns from rolling to creeping, from crawling to walking. These ingrained patterns can be used to facilitate activation of muscles which are necessary for stability and effective movement. As we age, we develop overuse of certain postural  muscles and inefficient muscle activation patterns that equal pain and dysfunction. By tapping in to these reflexes we can activate muscles which have been turned off by years of poor posture and movement, and in turn develop effective muscle patterning and pain free movement.

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to activate a certain muscle like your transverse abdominus (deep stomach muscles) or Vastus Medialis Olbilque (VMO OR Inner Quad)? By tapping in to these patterns we can press the control alt delete button of the nervous system and reset these patterns to automatically recruit the desired muscles. This will make previous strength training and motor control based exercises more beneficial and easier to accomplish.

For more information please see attached link or contact Synergy Health Management for an Assessment from either Atilla Apt RMT or Tyler Evans PT.

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