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Online Chiropractic Services for Limitless Care.

Pain and physical dysfunction don’t stop just because you’re unable to make it to the clinic for chiropractic treatment, so why not bring the chiropractic treatment with you everywhere you go?

Synergy Health offers virtual chiropractic services to help restore your health with the care and attention of a skilled professional, even when it’s not possible to make an office visit.

Is Virtual Chiropractic Care Effective?

Obviously, a chiropractor cannot complete an adjustment from afar. As advanced as 21st-century technology has become, there’s simply no way to reach through a screen and manipulate the musculoskeletal system for hands-on relief.

However, there’s more to chiropractic care than the adjustment. Our skilled chiropractors are trained to spot dysfunction visually, so when they connect with you on a video conference, they’ll be able to provide valuable and professional insight into the source of your discomfort.

What Services Are Offered During Chiropractic Telerehab?

Certain aspects of the chiropractic session will be impeded by the remote nature of the appointment, as mentioned above. There are still plenty of services which can be performed seamlessly through video conferencing, though, such as:
  • Mobility assessment to determine your needs
  • Prescription of exercises and lifestyle modifications to mitigate discomfort
  • Pain management and rehabilitation techniques for self-treating while at home
  • In addition to these rather broad service descriptions, one of the best aspects of remote chiropractic treatment is that your practitioner will still be able to listen intently to all of your concerns, and take those (along with your long term goals) into account when making suggestions.

    Are Remote Chiropractic Services Safe?

    In every possible way, the virtual care that Synergy Health provides is entirely safe. First and foremost, our skilled and experienced chiropractors will never suggest you engage in a therapeutic technique on your own that could cause you harm.

    In fact, we’re here to make sure that you’re not developing unhealthy habits that will lead to more long term damage. Our team will walk you through any exercise prescriptions so you feel confident performing them solo once the call has ended.

    As far as safety from a data security standpoint goes, any fears in that arena are equally unfounded. Our video conferencing is HIPAA compliant and completely private, so you’re never at risk in any capacity.

    What Are The Benefits of Online Chiropractic Services?

    The modern world never stops moving, and many people find it difficult to carve out enough time to make an in-person visit to the Synergy Health Centre. If you’re between adjustments or can’t make it to the clinic for whatever reason, moving your chiropractic appointments online can have a number of benefits beyond saving time, like:
  • Preventing you from exacerbating an injury with travel
  • Saving you money on gas and parking, plus time missed at work
  • Allowing you to better develop your independent rehabilitative techniques
  • Perhaps remote chiropractic sessions aren’t your first choice, but in some situations there’s no alternative but to stay isolated; in others, it’s simply easier to complete a quick visit from the comfort of home.

    How Do I Pay for Virtual Chiropractic?

    Just like any other treatment, Synergy Health offers highly affordable rates for our remote care options. We offer direct billing for a number of extended insurance plans, plus easy virtual payment options. Life is stressful enough—let us take some of the tension out of it.

    Schedule Your Chiropractic Session Now

    Our virtual care programs are simple and effective; email or call us today at 250-999-0462 to learn more about how online chiropractic treatment could benefit you or to schedule your appointment.
    As required by the Provincial Health Officer and the College of Chiropractors of BC, during the COVID-19 pandemic, chiropractors can only treat patients in person when providing “emergent, urgent and/or essential care. Learn More…


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