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Remote Personal Training: Get Fit Without Going Out.

How often have you told yourself that you would prioritize fitness if you could just find the extra time to spend in the gym? Thanks to Synergy Health’s virtual personal training services, you don’t need to carve out nearly as much spare time to get quality exercise.

Our personal training service is administered by a certified kinesiologist, so you know that the guidance you’re receiving is both safe and effective.

Does Virtual Personal Training Really Work?

Picture an ordinary personal training session: what does it look like? Someone standing next to you, demonstrating exercises then instructing you on how to correct your form when you don’t perform them properly?

Now, precisely which part of that scenario couldn’t be completed through a video conference? The only difference is that when you opt for a virtual personal training session, you get to complete the exercises from the comfort of your own home.

Considering you’ll be working just as hard as you would during an in-person session with the same expert level of guidance from a certified kinesiologist, there’s no question that virtual personal training is effective.

What Specific Services Does Synergy Health Offer During Remote Personal Training?

You basically get everything you could imagine out of a remote personal training session. Of course, your kinesiologist cannot reach out and physically correct your form, but barring that one limitation, the sky’s the limit.

Some of the specific assistance that a kinesiologist may offer during a session includes:
  • Assessing your goals and needs
  • Creating a progressive workout plan with those goals in mind
  • Providing diet and nutrition advice for specific aims like weight loss or muscle gain
  • Offering motivation to keep you moving forward
  • Giving verbal cues for modifying movements
  • Monitoring your overall progress
  • Obviously, follow up sessions are critical for maintaining steady progress; your kinesiologist will work hard to give you all the necessary tools to sustain your improvements independently when the time comes, too.

    What Are The Benefits of Online Personal Training Sessions?

    Many people are uncomfortable with their bodies, but they’re too self conscious to go to the gym and do anything about it because they’re worried about being judged there. This results in a vicious cycle or poor self-image and low confidence.

    By taking your personal training sessions online, you completely eliminate this anxiety from the equation. You can work out in the comfort and security of your own home, while still receiving quality exercise with the help of a trained professional.

    Not to mention, remote personal training sessions will require less time and therefore you’ll have fewer viable excuses for not completing them. Plus, if you’re complying with social distancing or isolation restrictions, these sessions are a great way to do something constructive with the extra time you suddenly have on your hands.

    Are Virtual Personal Training Sessions Safe?

    You never need to worry that you’ll injure yourself performing an exercise during an online personal training session—your certified kinesiologist will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your form is not potentially harmful, and that you’re not putting yourself in a compromising position.

    Additionally, you can rest assured that our video conferencing server is protected and HIPAA compliant, so there’s nothing to worry about from a security standpoint either.

    Get Started with Remote Personal Training Sessions Today

    If you’re ready to make a positive lifestyle change that will have a constructive impact on your entire being, then email or call us at 250-999-0462 to learn more about our virtual personal training services or to schedule your first session today.


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