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Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions

Virtual Physiotherapy Sessions for Absolute Results.

There are a number of reasons that scheduling a remote physiotherapy appointment might best suit your schedule, from a demanding job to a full house of kids; whatever the rationale, Synergy Health is here to ensure that your telerehab is as effective as if you were making an in-clinic visit.

How Does Online Physiotherapy Work?

You would be surprised just how much a physiotherapist can determine through a video call. After all, how do physiotherapy sessions ordinarily play out? You probably answer a few questions, perform a series of movements, and perhaps undergo an exam, right?

With remote physiotherapy, all of that is still possible except for the final step. Once you make contact with your physiotherapist on screen, the session is bound to play out in relatively the same order:
  • Your physiotherapist will obtain a medical history, as well as ask some questions about your current condition.
  • Much like in the clinic, you may be asked to execute some movements and specialized tests; these simply help the physiotherapist assess your mobility and provide an accurate diagnosis from afar.
  • At this point in the session, your physiotherapist will be able to offer their opinion on your condition and provide a treatment plan.
  • Since the telerehab physiotherapy session will be performed via video conference, the physiotherapist may demonstrate certain exercise or therapeutic suggestions that they believe will aid your recovery while at home.

    Can Remote Physiotherapy Actually Help?

    Think about why you ordinarily visit the physiotherapy clinic or doctor’s office in person—is it because you just love having to deal with traffic, or fighting for a parking spot? Probably not.

    If you’re like most people, you probably usually visit the clinic in person because you have developed a relationship with your clinician or you simply didn’t realize there was an alternative.
    When you really think about it, is there anything about an in-person physiotherapy session that couldn’t be completed remotely with a little creativity?

    Synergy Health is thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to work with a qualified, dedicated physiotherapist from the comfort of your own home, and we’re doubly thrilled because we know we’re providing a quality service that will genuinely bring you relief.

    The care you will receive in your virtual physiotherapy session will be as attentive and impactful as ever—the only difference is you’ll be at home rather than in the clinic.

    What’s The Point of Telephysio?

    Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of taking your physiotherapy sessions virtual but you’re not totally clear on why it might benefit you.

    Patients choose to move their appointments remote for a host of reasons, but some of the most common include:
  • Saving money when they don’t have to pay for child care or parking during their in-clinic appointments
  • Reducing the amount of time missed at work for sessions
  • Accessing a service not otherwise available in their community or within a drivable distance
  • Recovering from surgery or childbirth and unable to leave home easily
  • While these are some of the most likely grounds you may have for considering telephysio, simply not having the energy to drive to the clinic after working all day is reason enough to opt for a remote session.

    How Much Does Online Physiotherapy Cost?

    At Synergy Health, we strive to provide professional services at highly affordable rates. On top of that, we can direct bill a wide range of extended insurance plans, and offer convenient payment options when necessary.

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