As many people will experience firsthand at some point in their life, the lower back is susceptible both to sudden injury and to strain that can grow more painful over time. Thankfully, chronic lower back pain does not have to be an inevitability as long as you pay some attention to your day-to-day movements.

The Victoria, BC chiropractors at Synergy Health Centre have put together this list of 7 useful tips that can help protect your lower back:

1) Be careful when lifting heavy objects

No matter how strong and healthy you are, putting too much strain on your back when lifting a heavy object is one of the quickest way to lower back injury. As you have no doubt heard before, you should be lifting with your legs, not with your back. You should also avoid lifting and twisting at the same time. Stand up straight first, and then turn with your feet.

2) Chose to push rather than pull

If you’re going to be sliding rather than lifting a heavy object, then it will be much safer for your back if you push it rather than pull on it. Pulling puts stress on your back, whereas pushing makes greater use of your core muscles.

3) Strengthen your core muscles

Speaking of your core, strengthening your core muscles is a great way to protect your lower back from pain and injury by providing it with more support. Don’t worry about developing six-pack abs, just focus on doing more cardiovascular exercises such as walking and running.

4) Avoid prolonged sitting or standing

Both prolonged sitting and standing can lead to lower back strain. If you have a job that has you sitting for long periods of time, then try to find moments where you can stand or walk for a little while. Likewise, if prolonged periods of walking causes you discomfort, then taking breaks to sit can provide relief.

5) Be mindful of your posture

Improper posture, such as the kind many people exhibit when hunching over a computer screen, fights the natural curve of the spine and can put pressure on the lower back. Try as often as possible to remind yourself to sit and stand up straight.

6) Take care of your physical health

The health of your lower back, like all other parts of your body, will reflect your overall level of physical health. Back pain can be prevented in large part by eating well, drinking lots of water, maintaining a healthy weight, and dropping bad habits such as smoking or excessive drinking.

7) Get personalized tips from a Victoria, BC chiropractor

People suffering from lower back pain often seek the services of a chiropractor, and for good reason. Specializing in disorders which affect the neuromusculoskeletal system, chiropractors are uniquely skilled in finding the reasons behind back pain and in offering personalized tips and solutions for managing and treating it.

If you’d like to speak to a professional Victoria, BC chiropractor about protecting your lower back, then don’t hesitate to contact the Synergy Health Centre today.

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