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Heal Faster and Get Back to Optimal Performance after Injury with Cutting-Edge Resources & Support from Certified Sports Therapists in Victoria, BC

Sports Medicine is not just for elite athletes. It’s also used to effectively treat many everyday muscular complaints such as back pain, mobility issues, postural problems and work related conditions. So whether you’re a top level competitor, or more of an “arm chair athlete” (or somewhere in between), if you’re suffering from an injury, you could benefit from Sports Medicine.

The qualified team of Synergy Sports Therapists advise on injury prevention and can examine, assess and treat injuries that do occur, as well as help with the rehabilitation process. If you’re suffering from an old injury, or something new that has recently arisen, our team is excited to help you tackle the challenge and get you back to your ideal physical health.

How Synergy Finds the Right Treatment for You

Each person and each injury is different. At Synergy we understand that no one course of treatment is going to work for everyone. Tools such as video analysis, orthopaedic testing, muscle testing, laboratory testing, and imaging studies like Ultrasound, X-ray or MRI and other evaluations may be utilized to determine the best treatment or prevention program specific to your needs.

Synergy Health Management has a strong reputation in sports medicine and sports injury care, both locally and internationally. Contact us to book an appointment.

When I refer patients to Synergy I am very confident the quality of care will meet their needs.
Dr. Melina Thibodeau, MD Sports Medicine Physician

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