Making Sure Your Child’s Backpack Doesn’t Cause Back Problems

  Backpacks are worn to school, from school, and sometimes even at school. That’s a significant amount of time that your child spends with extra weight on their back. Believe it or not, if backpacks aren’t properly designed or properly used, they can cause harmful back strain. Here are three tips that can help ensure […]

Top tips for a painless back at work

A painful back is something we would all rather live without! Not only does back pain affect the way you work, it also has an impact on your everyday life in Victoria, BC: you might struggle walking the dog, playing with your children, or exercising with your personal trainer. Causes We often associate back pain […]

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Transform Your Life

There is often the misconception that back pain is the result of a workplace injury such a lifting a box incorrectly. While it is very easy to get hurt after moving something heavy, there are many other ways to injure your back. An inactive lifestyle can often the cause of back pain. A combination of […]