Chiropractic Treatment: Healthy Aging for all Canadians

Chiropractic Treatment at Synergy Health Centre: Healthy Aging for all Canadians Healthy Aging In Canada, the average life expectancy is increasing and is reported as 80 for males and 84 for females; however, are Canadians living full, active and healthy lives as they age? In reality, active living is crucial for healthy aging, maintenance of quality […]

Poor Posture and How Chiropractic can Help

Chiropractors at Synergy Health Centre recognize that poor posture can be a big contributor to spinal pain. Very often poor posture is a result of an existing muscle imbalance, pain or bad habits and conversely, having poor posture can also contribute to you developing pain and a muscle imbalance. Sitting on an office chair for […]

Suffer from Low Back Pain? How Chiropractic can Help

According to a 2009 report published by the Work Foundation by 2031 an expected 15 million Canadians will suffer from a musculoskeletal condition and 5 out of 10 had suffered from low back pain in the last 6 months. Chiropractic treatment relieves low back pain using effective clinical tools like manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, […]