Answers about spinal surgery

  We have received a lot of question at the clinic regarding a news highlight that aired last week on lumbar spine surgery. While the segment was a powerful testimonial to the potential success of spinal surgery, it is important to understand the clinical decision making process that is used to ensure those who are […]

How Physiotherapy at Synergy Health Centre can Help Treat Back Pain

4 out of 5 of people will experience lower back pain at some stage of their life. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people missing work and seeing a doctor. Continuing with our theme of “back pain” education for the month of July this post will enlighten you on the benefits of […]

How Your Hips can Affect Your Knees

  Many runners experience knee pain at some point. For runners, knee pain can be caused by everything from poor running attire to physical fitness. It is important to address knee pain in order to diagnose and prevent injury and get back to running as quickly as possible. Sometimes knee pain may not be caused […]

Introducing Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Melissa Willgress, BSc DC

We would like to introduce you to our newest team-member, Dr. Melissa Willgress, BSc DC. Dr. Willgress is accepting new patients and is covered under Extended Medical Insurance Benefits, Worksafe, ICBC, DVA and MSP. Dr. Willgress’ approach to health has been inspired by a harmonizing relationship between Chiropractic and yoga, as their main principals focus on […]

Trigger Point Dry Needling or IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation)

Now at Synergy!  (IMS) Intramuscular Stimulation with Nicole Stefanson, MPT BSc (Kin) Trigger Point Dry Needling, also commonly known as IMS (Intermuscular Stimulation) is a drug-free therapy that quickly and effectively diagnoses and reduces chronic nerve pain that is usually hard to treat. IMS combines the science of neurology with traditional Chinese medicine, and uses […]

Take Charge Summer Training Package

Love who you see in the mirror! Do you want to feel younger, look trim and muscular, build confidence and self esteem, rid yourself of fatigue, tighten your belt a few notches, and love who you see in the mirror again? Then get serious about your fitness with our Take Charge Summer Training Package. If your […]

Pain Free Cycling: Quick Fixes for Common Injuries

Pain Free Cycling: Quick Fixes for Common Injuries An avid cyclist, Dr. Jamie Grimes returned from France, riding in support of veterans living with PTSD and other battlefield injuries. Now that it is the summer cycling season here in Canada, Jamie has some tips for identifying – and avoiding – pain from common cycling injuries. With […]

I Have an Injury. How Do I Get Better?

Image source This is a companion to Dr. Jamie Grimes’ post about common cycling injuries. “I’m injured and in pain! Who should I see to fix it?” This is probably the most common question we get when people call the front desk at Synergy. Deciding which healthcare practitioner to see is a tough question for […]

Fact Sheet: Treating Pain from Soft Tissue Injuries

This is part of a series of blog posts by Dr. Jamie Grimes discussing how Synergy’s practitioners diagnose injuries and choose the best treatment. One of the things I have learned after 15 years of clinical practice is that no matter how good or how nice we are as practitioners, we can only achieve results […]

Wounded Warrior 30-Day Accelerated Health and Fitness Fundraiser Package

Donate $50 to the Wounded Warriors Charity Ride for PTSD: Team Synergy will give you $1111 worth of Free Health and Fitness Services with your package. Synergy’s generous practitioners are donating many of their Services at no charge to offer you this incredible low price package while raising money for the Wounded Warriors foundation in support […]