Marlissa Cawston


Registered Massage Therapy

I have always been very passionate about helping others. My goal is to facilitate everyday life as well as home, work, and sports environments by relieving pain, restoring normal function, and enhancing athletic performance. I hope to educate and empower each of my patients using various evidence-based soft tissue manipulation, and customizable home care exercises. Before each treatment, I will provide clients with a thorough assessment and a variety of special tests to ensure a treatment that is safe, and effective to fit each unique individual and their needs.

I grew up here in Victoria with a very active lifestyle as an accomplished national stream synchronized swimmer. I competed for 8 years and in 2013 was a part of one of the first groups of athletes to attend the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE) to help supplement my training as a high-intensity athlete. This experience fascinated me by how far you can push the body’s limits but also showed me how equally important it is to take care of yourself to ensure that you may continue to perform at a high level while avoiding injury.

During treatment I like to incorporate a lot of slow deep tissue work, sinking into and holding tender spots until a release is felt. I supplement that deep tissue work with a lot of flushing and clearing and spurts of relaxation to counterbalance. I also enjoy adding passive manipulation as well as active modalities to maximize each treatment. With the more intense techniques, a pressure scale will be explained and provided to ensure that we are working within your pain limits and not going beyond what is comfortable. My goal is to create a safe space for you to openly give me feedback about pressure and techniques so that we can tailor each treatment to fit your individual needs and comfort.

I am a proud graduate of West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT). I enjoy living an active lifestyle that includes indoor bouldering, outdoor rock climbing, and lifting weights. I also enjoy making crystal jewelry in my spare time.

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