Looking for a Zumba Class in Victoria BC? Join us!

Like most places, the city of Victoria British Columbia offers residents and tourists many choices in fine dining. From Sooke Harbor Houses to the fine Italian dishes of Zambri’s, there are many choices in dining. However, with all these delicious food choices, there has to be a balance of a good diet and exercise. Many people want to enjoy good food, but not the effects it has on their waistline, Victoria Zumba classes are an excellent way to work off excess calories and stay fit. The classes are high energy and fun, making it a workout routine most people enjoy.

Victoria Zumba classes are a type of Columbian dance that involves both dance moves and aerobics. The fitness program was created in 1990 by a choreographer and dancer, Alberto “Beto” Perez. The fitness craze actually began by accident. Perez was teaching an aerobic class, and one day forgot his music. He took out a tape from his backpack, which contained salsa and merengue music, and ended up improvising the class using that music. The combination of aerobic moves and dance was a success in Columbia, so in early 2001, he came to America and paired with a friend, they made a demo tape and Zumba was born.

Today, the classes are taught at fitness centers all around the world, and Victoria Zumba teaches the same fun aerobic moves set to a high-energy music that keep people energized and the work outs fun.  The classes incorporate aerobics and dance, along with hip-hop, samba, salsa, mambo, merengue, soca and even Bollywood and belly dance moves. The lunges and squats included in the program are blended in with the dance moves, so dancers do not even feel as though they are working out; they are just having a good time.

Victoria Zumba classes usually last about one hour in length and are taught by a licensed Zumba instructor. There are different Zumba classes that cater to a variety of ages and fitness levels, as this dance-aerobic workout provides an enjoyable activity for everyone. The classes also incorporate strength training with both fast and slow rhythms.  Zumba classes are not just for women; men can enjoy the dancing moves and shed excess pounds as well. There are Zumba classes that are specifically designed for the elderly, which incorporate moves to help improve posture, range of motion and build strength.

There are several benefits associated with Victoria Zumba classes. They are a type of interval training, which means during the workout a person get a burst of high-intensity moves with periods of relief consisting of low-intensity moves. This type of workout has been shown to burn more fat than traditional aerobic exercise. It works better, because the high-intensity intervals help boost the metabolism to increase fat loss.  Zumba is also excellent for toning the abdominal muscles, which are a problem area for many.

As obesity continues to rise, it is fitness programs like Victoria Zumba that reach out and offer a new and fun way to get people moving. Fitness is about movement and avoiding sedentary lifestyle. The best way to get people moving, is helping them have fun while toning muscles, gaining aerobic benefits, boosting metabolism and keeping their heart healthy. The more fun and enjoyable a form of exercise is, the more likely people will stick with it, and since Zumba offers many different types of classes for a variety of fitness levels, people don’t usually become bored with the workout. And, it only takes one hour at least three days a week to get fit and stay fit with Victoria BC’s Synergy Health Centre Zumba classes.

There are over 12 million people who participate in Zumba classes in over 125 countries, and approximately 110,000 location around the world that offer these classes. Zumba is more than just a fitness craze, as it is also associated with many charitable events. Zumba Fitness has raised millions of dollars for many charities, including the American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen breast cancer research and Augie’s Quest. While the fun and fit activity continues to help people lose weight and improve health, it also supports the organizations with the same goals.

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