“I was having issues with consistency in my running, injuries were frequent and my improvements were minimal,” says Randy L’Heureux, an ultramarathoner and a well-known a member of the Peninsula Runners sales team.

“I decided to try the strength training program with Mell Russell at the Synergy Wellness Center to see if a structured and monitored program of strength training would help,” says L’Heureux, a well-known presence at Peninsula Runners.

“From the first day when Mell performed a very thorough assessment of my overall fitness and personal goals, I was confident that her knowledge and background, in conjunction with the well-equipped facilities and team approach at Synergy Wellness would move my running goals forward,” he says.

After 7 months of close supervision and individually designed workouts to ensure overall strength and fitness, L’Heureux says his running has become injury free and the future is looking bright for getting back into ultramarathons.

Ultramarathons are to important to Randy L’Heureux: he recently provided encouragement to former work partner Rob Smith when Smith was competing in the gruelling Pigtail Challenge ultramarathon in Renton, Washington.  Smith won the 200-mile race in this past May by clocking in at 52 hours and 32 minutes, beating his personal best from a year ago by 5.5 hours.

L’Heureux ran more than 100 miles (161 kilometres) of the Pigtail Challenge while supporting Smith, and he’s looking forward to getting back on the trail and competing himself.

“Synergy Wellness Center is now a part of my training plan,” says L’Heureux. “I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Connect with personal trainer Mell Russell, or learn more about exercise rehabilitation at Victoria‘s Synergy Health Centre.

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