Synergy Health Management

About Synergy Health Centre

About Synergy Health Centre in Victoria, BC – Our medical clinic is home to Victoria’s most comprehensive and innovative multi-disciplinary health & wellness team. We’ve cultivated an environment of collaboration, allowing every patient to benefit from the combined knowledge of our practitioners.
Three Areas of Health and Wellness Services
Synergy Health Centre has everything you need to achieve your total body health and wellness goals. Under one roof, we have a Health Centre for recovery and injury treatment, a Wellness Centre for improving and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, and a Specialist Centre where you will find the offices of some of our speciality services. The integration of these three areas means we can approach physical well-being from a preventative and integrative manner.
A Collaborative Team for a Synergistic Approach
Our diverse team constantly shares knowledge to provide the highest quality of care, with total body health and ongoing wellness in mind. With eight structured health care disciplines, over 25 therapies and treatment techniques, four unique technologies and an ever-growing team of talented practitioners, we’ve got you covered as Victoria’s integrated health and wellness team.
Services Fit for World Class Athletes and You
Our integrated approach has led us to become the clinic of choice for many top professional and Olympic athletes, from the NHL and MLB, to Olympic gold medalists, to many of Victoria’s local heroes in triathlon, track and field, cycling, mixed martial arts and more. Whether you come to us to resolve an injury, develop or maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, or tackle some other challenge, our diverse team of health professionals will provide the same exceptional level of treatment to your individual needs.