Minal Shah



Minal Shah is an accomplished Pain Physiotherapist with a unique perspective on healing. She originally graduated from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in Mumbai, with an expertise in Pain Management. She views each individual as a holistic ecosystem, considering more than just symptoms in her approach to care.

Minal’s approach is uniquely collaborative, integrating simplicity, education, and empowerment into every treatment plan. Holding the distinction of a Barefoot Rehab Therapist certification from New York’s Evidence Based Fitness Academy, she enriches her practice with a holistic perspective.

Minal’s distinction shines in non-invasive chronic pain management, emphasizing comprehensive well-being. Her pursuits extend beyond as an avid scuba diver, finding tranquility underwater, and an enthusiast for road trips, mirroring her adventurous spirit. Minal Shah epitomizes the evolution of pain alleviation, leaving an indelible mark through personalized, holistic care.

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