There are hundreds of reasons why exercise is good for you and even more why weight training and yoga specifically are beneficially. The reasons come as no surprise – increased strength, more energy,

better sleep, improved digestion, clearer skin and stress release to name a few. Yet the barriers

to exercise seem to be omnipresent as well. Those who abstain from exercise cite

fear of injury, anxiety from an unknown space and concern over competitive environments

common in a typical gym. But what if you had access to an environment that

would keep you comfortable and excited to work out on a daily basis?

With typical weight training, a gym-goer wanders into a huge room filled with

machines usually designed for the masses, and set up to use one muscle at a time. The

machine has a weight to pick, a lever to change and a range of motion to try and

figure out while you squirm in to position. Using a personal trainer has been proven to

speed goal attainment and decrease injury, while getting trimmer and stronger. Using a

correct exercise prescription with a personal trainer who has fully assessed and understands

your body goals can facilitate an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease

unwanted fat, which allows for extended longevity, independence and freedom of

enjoyment. Without adequate strength, a long hike, for example, can be an daunting

task. Basic movements such as squats, lunges and push-ups can be modified myriad different

ways to work with any limits and motion, strength deficits or old injuries.

Yoga is no different. All our joints get nourishment through a process called imbibition,

where a joint must go through a full range of motion to get lubrication throughout.

Yoga helps keep joints healthy by providing accessible movements that allow

everyone of every athletic background to access their full range of motion and give

back to the joints they pound on daily. Many yoga postures oppose the motions of

daily life such as sitting and reaching forward. Spending eight-to-10 hours a day at a

computer screen tightens and shortens the front muscles while lengthening and weakening

the muscles on the back of the body. Utilizing yoga’s gentle back bends, cleansing

inversions and soft heart openers allows your body to “undo” some of the micro-damage

done by repetitive daily motions. Adding yoga into a weekly exercise regime provides a calming oasis. All ages and fitness levels can achieve their fitness goals at Synergy Health Centre in Victoria, British Columbia. If

weight control, training for a race, or forging a pre-emptive strike against any holiday

pounds is your goal, an invigorating refuge exists for any pocket depth and age to enjoy.

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