Sometimes a shot in the arm is exactly

what you need! The reason this time of

year is the peak of cold and flu season is

because infections and viruses thrive in

immune deficient environments. But what

causes immune deficiency? And what can we

do to boost our immune systems?

One of the most common causes of

immune deficiency is adrenal stress. Your

adrenal glands’ purpose is to mobilize your

body’s responses to every kind of stress using

hormones that regulate not only immune

function, but also energy production and

storage, heart rate, and various other

processes including sexual hormone balance.

Medical research has proven that when we

are stressed, our immune system shuts down

until we can adjust to the situation. Very

intense and/or prolonged periods of stress —

emotional, environmental, physical or

nutritional stress — can result in deficiencies

that manifest as fatigue, low-energy, and/or

an inability to avoid the cold and flu bugs

that cycle through our work and personal

environments. Unfortunately, winter is often

when we see a combination of all the aforementioned

stresses at once, which

contributes to the cold and flu season.

The best and most effective way to

replenish a deficient immune system is

through adrenal shots. Composed of

essential B vitamins, folic acid and other

homeopathic adrenal support solutions,

adrenal shots boost and regulate adrenal

function, directly affecting immune


The majority of us cannot absorb B12

through our gut as we age, causing a slow

weakening of our immune system and

potential permanent nervous system damage.

Adrenal shots allow for B12 and other

vitamins to slowly release into the bloodstream,

restoring vital energy and immune

and nervous system health. A short cycle of

adrenal shots given by one of Synergy’s

naturopathic practitioners can result in

increased energy, better health, better mood

and overall well-being.

Victoria BC’s Synergy Health Centre experts also recommend making

lifestyle and nutrition shifts along with

taking adrenal shots. Restorative sleep,

probiotics, adaptogenic herbs (balancing

herbs), vitamin C and regular exercise can all

contribute to maintaining your prime

immune health.

So if you’ve been feeling low energy, memory

issues or find yourself falling victim to

the various colds and flues that do the

rounds during winter, or have experienced

intense or prolonged stress, it might be time

to visit our diverse health centre

Our comprehensive wellness assessments

are completely free, so there’s really nothing

to lose. You’re in control of your health and

wellness. We’re here to help.

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