Outdoor Bootcamp/Conditioning:

During our bootcamp and conditioning classes we will concentrate on bodyweight conditioning to tone and strengthen your muscles, cardiovascular endurance to maintain a healthy heart, resistance training to increase power and encourage lean muscle growth and other unique drills and exercises that make each class fun and exciting! You can expect Liz to challenge your muscles by combining plyometric drills, timed intervals, speed and agility training, core crucifixion and power blitzing maneuvers.


Saturday Morning Stretch: Synchronized breath and movement from posture to posture. Focusing on pranayama (yogic breathing), deep stretches and bodily awareness. A variety of ever changing yoga postures are explored and fine tuned from class to class. This class is designed for students of all levels who are wanting to start their day off rejuvinated, exhilerated and relaxed. Yoga/Pilates Fusion: An infusion of both yoga and pilates, taught by a teacher who is trained in both modalities. Pilates focuses on focused, precise, controlled movements, isolating specific muscles creating strength from the deepest layers of the body out while yoga aims at stretching, lengthening, and strengthening both the body and the mind. Each teacher adds their own flavor to the class creating a dynamic, well rounded blend of two amazing mind-body practices. Beginners/Yoga Foundations: The perfect class for all levels and all ages. Designed to fine tune alignment of each posture, polish breath awareness and offer an overall greater awareness to the practice of yoga and all of its benefits. Even students who have practiced for years can benefit greatly from redefining their postures.

Yin Yoga: Yin yoga was traditionally used to prepare yogis to sit for lengthly amounts of time in a meditative state. 6-8 postures are focused on throughout the class, each posture being held anywhere from 3-5 minutes. This is a deep, quite, passive practice that nourishes the connective tissue of the body as it allows the body to unravel from the deepest layers (tendons, ligaments, cartilage and joints). Students who have high impact exercise regimes and who live a busy, hectic lifestyle will benefit from this practice greatly.

Yin/Yang Yoga: Combining both the yin (passive) practice as listed above and a yang (active) into one harmonizing class. Yin postures held for a lengthly period of time and Yang postures flowing from one to the next are both explored and infused into one well rounded, all encompassing practice.

Noon Hour Flow: The perfect way to spend your lunch hour! Flowing from one posture to the next on the inahle and exhale. This class explores a variety of different yoga postures and sequences, leaving you feeling recharged and ready to conquer the rest of the day. All levels welcome.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga:

A restorative, therapeutic class designed for people of all ages but catered to students 55 years and older. Gentle Yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation will be introduced. Ideal for students wanting a healing, quiet, replenishing practice. Great for couples.


Bellyfit Class:

A playful, energetic, aerobic fitness class designed for students of all ages, stages, sizes, and levels of ability. All Bellyfit Instructors are trained to teach to the beginner, the seasoned athlete and everyone in between! It is a low impact dance that helps to tone the body, increase fitness levels and develop confidence. Fun and exhilerating, the perfect way to polish your dance moves on a Saturday afternoon.



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