According to a 2009 report published by the Work Foundation by 2031 an expected 15 million Canadians will suffer from a musculoskeletal condition and 5 out of 10 had suffered from low back pain in the last 6 months. Chiropractic treatment relieves low back pain using effective clinical tools like manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, exercise, patient education, modalities (i.e. ultrasound, laser) and rehabilitation. Extensively trained in spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), chiropractors are proficient in providing “adjustments” which have been proven effective in reducing pain, improving function, and decreasing the chances of low back pain becoming a chronic condition. Patients treated by a combination of adjustments and exercise reported significant improvement at three and 12-month follow-ups according to the Canadian Chiropractic Association

As we mentioned one option for people who are seeking lower back pain treatment is to seek the help of a chiropractor, at Synergy Health Centre in Victoria BC we can also provide you with additional treatment options such a physiotherapy, acupuncture, intermuscular stimulation (IMS),  massage therapy, as well as personal training, yoga, and Pilates to help you strengthen your back and core.

By incorporating that belief into treatment, with particular attention to the spine, chiropractic care may be able to provide pain management for back pain patients using a variety of methods to achieve that goal.

Close to 18 million adults and 2 million children receive chiropractic treatments for pain therapy and other conditions every year.

Chiropractic methods have been shown to be effective in reducing pain among people with back pain. For example, a study of 42 patients who visited chiropractors for pain management over a period of two months found that low force spinal adjustments successfully helped ease lower back pain.

How Chiropractic Treatment Works

Regular chiropractic treatments usually focus on spinal manipulation and alignment to aid pain management and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. Realignment of the spine is thought to reduce pressure on the central nervous system. Headaches and lower back pain are among the most common conditions treated by a chiropractor.

During your first visit to Synergy Health Centre you’ll meet your chiropractor and undergo a brief evaluation, not unlike what you go through on the first visit to a doctor’s office. You will be asked to describe your symptoms and your chiropractor may order tests and X-rays that could help him or her understand your condition better.

You and your chiropractor will then develop a treatment plan. Pain management likely requires multiple visits over a long period to provide the best pain therapy.

At each visit, your chiropractor at Synergy Health Centre may use carefully applied pressure on key parts of your back, or other parts of your body, to realign your spine and manage pain. This pressure may be a stronger or lower in force as required, and may be delivered by hands or with the help of a specially designed instrument. Because of the holistic approach to wellness at Synergy Health Centre your chiropractor may also incorporate massage therapy or a variety of other in-house treatments to help you along the way.

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