Dr. Jamie Grimes

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jamie Grimes, DC is an experienced Chiropractor with a primary focus on soft tissue injury repair and recovery and sports injuries.

In addition to 25 years of experience practicing in Victoria, Dr. Grimes has worked internationally at the professional and Olympic level as well as locally in sports including track field, beach volleyball, cycling, triathlon, MLB, NHL, UFC, Ironman, Olympic lifting and many others.

He was one of the first 4 practitioners to pioneer Active Release Techniques (ART) and Graston techniques on Vancouver Island in 1998, introduced the first radial Shockwave Therapy machine to Western Canada and the 3rd Magneto Transduction Therapy machine (EMTT) unit in Canada among several other techniques and technologies throughout his 26 year career.

Other services Dr. Grimes offers includes:

25 years of Prescription Orthotic services and customized orthopaedic bracing,
Non-surgical spinal decompression and traction,
Butler neural mobilizations,
Mulligan technique,
Diversified, Gonstead, Pettibon and Drop table chiropractic mobilizations and manipulation techniques,
Prescription exercise therapy,
Physical Intelligence Coaching (Physical Intelligence Institute) and much more!

Graduating with Magna Cum Laude honours from Palmer West Chiropractic College in California, Dr. Grimes also received the Salutatorian medal for academic excellence and the Clinical Excellence Award for his clinical skills.

Dr. Grimes’ belief that complete health requires a multi-faceted approach led him to open Synergy Health Centre. Synergy is Victoria’s largest and most diverse multidisciplinary health centre and is the go-to health option for many of Canada’s top Olympic and professional athletes, as well as everyday people looking to move better, live pain free, maintain their health and/or recover or improve the lifestyles they love.

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