Dr. Nick Barber


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Nick Barber is a chiropractor who enjoys all aspects of injury treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. He has specific interests in sports injuries and return-to-play and, as such, incorporates various treatment techniques including Active Release Technique (ART) and
Graston Therapy. He believes that healthcare should be tailor-made to each individual’s needs in a way that will allow for full healing. Chiropractic, like all intervention strategies, is one piece to an incredibly complex puzzle of overall health.

Dr. Barber was raised in Victoria and went on to complete his Bachelor of Science degree from
UBC. He then attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he graduated with Cum Laude and clinic honours in 2008. He started practice in Barrie, Ontario working at a large multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic treating all types of injuries. Dr. Barber returned to Victoria in 2014 and has enjoyed working at Synergy Health Management ever since.

Dr. Barber sees patients with a variety of joint, muscle and nerve conditions ranging from acute
injuries to chronic pain. He enjoys and is able to work on all areas of the body, including
extremities. Dr. Barber has a strong interest and experience in the field of sports injuries
especially those involving golf, soccer, swimming and running.

Dr. Barber is active in his personal life and enjoys participating in a variety of sports including
soccer and golf. During the weekend, you can often find him cheering on the sidelines of his
kids soccer games or wandering around a golf course! Dr. Barber is very happy to be home and
looking forward to continuing his chiropractic career in his favourite city.

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