Shay Saulsgiver


Registered Massage Therapist

After graduating high school, Shay spent 2 years at Vancouver Island University studying the sciences in hopes of becoming a high school biology teacher. Realizing that the educational field wasn’t for him, he set out to find a career where he could combine his fascination with the human body with his passion for helping others and working with his hands. Upon completion of the introductory course at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Shay knew he had found his calling.

A proud graduate of the prestigious 3000-hour program at the WCCMT, Shay excelled in working with athletes and rehabilitating stubborn injuries primarily using deep tissue and myofascial treatments. Shay then spent the first stage of his career focusing on relaxation and wellness working at a spa in the downtown core of Victoria. His time in the spa broadened his understanding that a hammer is not always the best tool for the job, and sometimes a more progressive treatment can yield the best results. By combining deep tissue with relaxation-style massage Shay has been able to construct a type of treatment that can efficiently release tight or injured muscles while attempting to minimize the discomfort caused during the healing process. Shay firmly believes in educating and helping his patients understand the condition they are dealing with, and finds the more people understand their bodies the easier it is to recover. He feels honoured he gets to help improve the quality of life of people every day. Shay has had a passion for music since a very young age and enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. He cherishes the time spent with his family, especially working with his grandfather in his wood shop where he learned to build everything from birdhouses to arbours. It was through this craft Shay learned the value and satisfaction of working with his hands which has no doubt brought him down his current career path.

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