A painful back is something we would all rather live without! Not only does back pain affect the way you work, it also has an impact on your everyday life in Victoria, BC: you might struggle walking the dog, playing with your children, or exercising with your personal trainer.


We often associate back pain with jobs that involve strenuous lifting. However, those working in an office can also experience back pain. Here are the common causes:

  • A poorly adjusted desk chair.
  • Staying seated at our desks, which puts strain on our back and surrounding areas.
  • Slouching as it can cause the spine to overstretch and become damaged.

Common symptoms

  • You may experience pain that is dull, sharp, constant, or intermittent.
  • Pain may become more severe when you stand up, sit down, bend over, or walk.
  • Your legs may equally be painful.


Ergonomic desk chairs support the back and improve posture. Be careful! If you want to experience the benefits of a chair like this, it must be correctly adjusted. Make sure that:

  • Your elbows are at 90 degrees when your hands are on the desk.
  • The bottom of your back is slightly arched.
  • You are able to slide fingers under your thighs. If this is not the case, place your feet on something.
  • You are able to place your fist between your calf and the chair.
  • When your arms are on the armrest, your shoulders are slightly raised.
  • When your head is straight, your eyes look towards the middle of the screen.

Here are some other measures you can take to take pressure off your back:

  • Stand up from the edge of your chair and check to see if your feet are aligned beneath your knees.
  • Stretch and walk as regularly as possible.
  • Sustain a healthy weight to save your back from unnecessary pressure. A personal trainer can show you how to keep fit in and around Victoria BC!
  • Avoid smoking as it can reduce blood circulation and weaken your spine.

The best solution

Even the healthiest people with the best posture can experience back pain, but fear not, help is out there! At Synergy Health Management, we recommend chiropractic care in the form of active release therapy, shockwave therapy, and exercise rehabilitation to treat back pain. Sports medicine is not only for athletes; it can also be used to treat common back pain.

If you are looking for sports medicine, chiropractic care, physiotherapy or even a personal trainer, Synergy Health Centre offers the most comprehensive service in Victoria, BC! Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make an appointment or learn more about the services we have to offer.

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