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Some people think of fitness as the ability to perform certain physical feats such as biking, hiking or running. In the city of Victoria, a popular activity is Wildplay, which involves the person making their way around treetops via zip-lining, walking on planks and crawling through tubes. Sure, a person needs to be physically fit to perform these actions, but fitness involves more. Fitness involves several components, including cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and strength, flexibility and even body composition. All these work together to help a person perform activities such as running long distances or going for a hike.

There are many benefits to being fit, as it is good for your heart, muscles, lungs, joints and bones. Being physically fit also helps a person remain at a steady, healthy weight with a good lean muscle to fat ratio. Physical fitness also lowers a person’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressures and even some forms of cancer. Fitness helps keep the mind sharp because a fit person sleeps more soundly and handles stress better than a person who is not. A fit person should also have a better sense of overall well-being. To stay fit a person needs to keep moving and one easy way to this is to join a Victoria BC fitness club such as Synergy Health Centre in Victoria.

When people join a Victoria BC fitness center, they have access to many different types of fitness and yoga classes to help them regain or maintain their fitness and enjoy the benefits of good health. Whether people participate in yoga, Pilates, Zumba or weight training, the choice of how to stay fit makes a difference in sticking with the fitness program. This is because people have to find a fitness routine that they enjoy and are able to stick with for the long term. Sometimes it is best to incorporate various fitness classes into a routine to prevent boredom which leads to giving up on a fitness program.

Whether a person chooses to join a Victoria BC fitness center, or finds activities to do on their own, a person needs goals. The important thing to remember about fitness, is a person needs to participate in moderate activity for about 30 minutes per day; even on rest days. This could be brisk walking. However, as a person’s endurance and fitness level rises, other activities such as jogging will need to be incorporated to continue your progress.

Weight training is important for people of all ages and an important part of staying fit. Muscle burns body fat, even when a person is at rest, so the more lean muscle tissues a person has, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy body mass index (muscle to fat ratio). Fit active people who build and maintain lean muscle, burn more calories and have faster metabolisms. These are also essential in maintaining an ideal weight and body mass index.

Even though Victoria BC fitness is about maintaining a healthy weight, it is not about having the smallest waistline or the largest muscles. Each person’s body is different and what may be a healthy look for one person may not be the same for another. Fitness is based on an individual’s overall health and ability to perform certain tasks.

The elderly need to stay fit as well, and there are many activities at Victoria BC fitness centers that are tailored for those older people who cannot withstand high-impact activities or intense exercise. Walking and other forms of low-impact aerobic exercise along with light weight training, can help older people keep fit. This also helps them ward off heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and keep their focus and memory sharp.

Fitness is important for everyone of all ages. Getting kids up and moving for at least an hour a everyday is important. Parents can set the example by also living an active lifestyle. A family can stay fit together by going on bike rides, hikes or just playing outdoor games. Fitness can be fun!

Synergy has a variety of option when it comes to getting fit in the beautiful city of Victoria BC! We have Personal Training, Yoga, Diet specialists and many other services to help with every aspect of your health.

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