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Victoria BC offers residents and visitors breathtaking scenery and plenty of outdoor activities for people who like to stay active. The city has many easily accessible trails for biking, walking and hiking. Because Victoria has one of the mildest climates in Canada, these activities may be enjoyed anytime of the year. Active people also need time to relax, and participating in classes for yoga in Victoria BC is great way to let go of stress and reclaim the mind-body connection that keeps a person centered and at peace.

Participating in Victoria BC yoga classes, offers people a safe and non-aerobic form of exercise filled with many health benefits. The Westernized style of yoga focuses on asanas, also known as physical yoga poses. These classes often consist of breathing techniques and meditation as well.  While some yoga classes focus only on relaxation, other classes teach participants how to move their bodies in new ways, which help develop a person’s strength, balance and flexibility.

Joining a local health club to learn yoga in Victoria BC may offer some surprising benefits as well. Many people who begin a yoga class are astounded by the strength they gain. Yoga poses may look easy, but they actually require controlled movements that incorporate muscle use, making them stronger and more toned. Taking yoga courses can improve a person’s mood and help reduce anxiety and depression. The poses also help increase metabolism, boost immune function, improve posture, reduce pain, normalize weight and improve hand-eye coordination. People who take yoga can benefit biochemically, physically and psychologically simply by attending classes regularly.

Some believe that since yoga in Victoria BC does not involve high-impact aerobic activity, that it is without risk of injury, but this is not true. As with any type of exercise, there are precautions one must take to ensure safety. There are some tips to help reduce the risk of injury. However, one should never try to learn yoga on their own. It is best to learn the poses from a trained yoga instructor to make sure they are performed properly. Warm up before every session, go slow and stay within your limits and keep hydrated. Yoga requires wearing proper attire that allows the person to move freely. Pregnant women or anyone with a pre-existing condition, should consult their doctor before beginning yoga or any other type of exercise class.

Classes teaching yoga in Victoria BC are safe when participants follow instruction and choose a class that is appropriate for their age and fitness level. Beginner yoga classes are designed to teach proper alignment and posture to each student, along with breath awareness. A course that incorporates both Pilates and yoga use controlled movement to lengthen and stretch the body and isolating specific muscles to help tone them. A restorative yoga class is ideal for students 55 years of age and older. It is a therapeutic class that incorporates poses with breathing techniques and meditation.  The class is wonderful for couples and offers a quiet, healing and replenishing experience.

Even if a person is already active and participates in other forms of exercise, yoga in Victoria BC can provide many helpful benefits because yoga incorporates a mind-body connection, and has several different fitness levels. One beneficial yoga class for those at a higher fitness level, is yin yoga. This class focuses on only six to eight poses, but each pose is held for about three to five minutes. Those who live busy, hectic lifestyles and participate in high-impact exercise routines can benefit greatly from this deep quiet practice that helps relieve even the deepest tension.

The key to success with yoga is learning the poses and doing them correctly to avoid injury. When done correctly, yoga offers many benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. Students should start slow and work their way up to more advanced poses if desired. If not, even the entry level yoga classes offer many benefits for both the mind and the body.  Once a student learns the breathing techniques along with the poses, they can do the poses at home and use them in times of stress to relax.

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