Synergy’s Attila Apt: How Massage Helps Reduce Stress

Attila Apt appeared on CFAX 1070 radio recently to discuss how massage can help reduce stress and enhance your general well-being. Attila is a well-known massage therapist in Victoria, and we are pleased to work with him here at Synergy Health Centre.

Matt Barlee, Synergy, Wounded Warriors, and PTSD

Matt Barlee, Victoria entrepeneur, coach, athlete, probem-solver, climber, father and general friend of all things Synergy Health, recently appeared on CFAX to discuss the Wounded Warriors Ride and PTSD.

Introducing Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Melissa Willgress, BSc DC

We would like to introduce you to our newest team-member, Dr. Melissa Willgress, BSc DC. Dr. Willgress is accepting new patients and is covered under Extended Medical Insurance Benefits, Worksafe, ICBC, DVA and MSP. Dr. Willgress’ approach to health has been inspired by a harmonizing relationship between Chiropractic and yoga, as their main principals focus on […]

Introducing Kristen Bradley, RMT

Kristen graduated as a Massage Therapist in Toronto from the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic. In addition to Kristen’s love of Massage Therapy, she is also a swim coach at a local swim club, and loves spending time coaching kids . Kristen retired from a career of competitive swimming after the Olympic trials in 2008. […]

Wounded Warriors Need Your Help

This summer marks the hundredth anniversary of the Guns of August and the start of World War I. To mark this somber occasion, I will going riding through France on the Wounded Warriors Battlefield Ride to raise money for PTSD for our Canadian Soldiers. The money we raise provides canine and equine therapy programs, where injured […]

Figuring Out How to Warm Up for a Run

The TC 10K marks the start of the summer running season. By supporting events like the Bazan Bay 5K each year, Synergy is committed to helping people run smarter and faster. Our topic this time: how to warm up for a run. Most of know that completing a warm-up is beneficial for performance and injury […]

Structure dictates function, Sometimes saving athlete’s careers

The Summer Olympics may be over for another four years, but that doesn’t mean training stops. For many Olympians, now is the time to work on recovery after pushing themselves to the limit and putting their bodies to the test. For many Victorians, it’s the last stretch of training before the Victoria Marathon on Oct. […]