Thank you so much for your patience, well wishes and offers of support while I was injured. Many of you have been calling to know when I am back in action. I am so happy to say I will be back to work on Monday Mar 21st!

Playing hockey, a fall into the boards set off a C 6/7 Disc herniation that was too large to heal without permanent neurological issues. Severe nerve pain and weakness in my right arm prevented me from working.  Fortunately, we have one of the top surgeons in BC here in Victoria, Dr. John Sun! Even better Dr. John Sun happens to practice right here at Synergy Health Centre in Victoria, BC!

He removed my disc from the front and replaced it with a new tech… Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). Check this out!!  The future is here now! I’m now the $6000 bionic man. Dr. Sun is the first one to install the M6 device in BC. Victorians can now look forward to this new option here.

Instant pain relief, strength returned and the joint moves as well as before. We live in amazing times! This experience has made me a far better practitioner than ever before. I already have a new program designed for better and more affordable management of disc herniations.

During this process I realized how lucky I was to have all the resources I needed at my disposal, and how difficult it would be for someone that wasn’t as lucky. So I am donating all of my billings from my first week back to Spinal Cord programs in Victoria for those who weren’t as lucky as I was. We need spinal cord rehabilitation equipment here that is only available in Vancouver or the US. Come on in next week and know that your money is going to a great cause that any of us may need one day.


I cannot wait to help all of you again and do what I love! Call ahead to grab your spot.  I look forward to showing you my scar!  

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