Spring Back into Sports with Physiotherapy

Goodbye winter! Hello spring! Finally, your sunny side is up again. You can sprint out for regular morning runs, afternoon swims or baseball in the evenings with your neighbourhood friends. What? Still feeling blue like the skies above? Well, then it’s time to look at the deeper reasons behind your concern. Is it a wrist […]

Three Stretches to Ease Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be a difficult condition to live with. Not only do you have to manage the pain, you also have to work to make it better, which can itself be a painful experience. If you have chronic back pain, be sure to get it checked by a professional chiropractor in the Victoria, […]

Recovering from a Sports Injury with Physiotherapy

Sports injuries, whether recreational or professional, can be extremely painful. These injuries range from broken bones to torn ligaments, and can take weeks or months to heal. Luckily, there are numerous treatments to help you recover and one of the most highly recommended is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy at our clinic in Victoria, BC focuses on whole […]

Good nutrition is an important complement to chiropractic care

Canadians love food but when it comes to nutrition, we’re a bit fuzzy – minerals, vitamins, calories, sugars, salts, and fats – all add to the confusion. While diets and food preferences may differ from person to person, good health should not and while medical professionals may have different views on many things, they all […]

Answers about spinal surgery

  We have received a lot of question at the clinic regarding a news highlight that aired last week on lumbar spine surgery. While the segment was a powerful testimonial to the potential success of spinal surgery, it is important to understand the clinical decision making process that is used to ensure those who are […]

Break Through Victoria Back Surgery Now Available

Synergy’s Dr. John Sun Neurosurgeon installs the first M6 Artificial Disc Replacement in BC on Dr. Jamie Grimes Chiropractor Dr. Jamie Grimes is normally the one providing care, but in this case he is the patient. The chiropractor was pushed into the boards while playing hockey a few months ago, injuring his spine. “About an […]

Protect Your Lower Back with These 7 Useful Tips

As many people will experience firsthand at some point in their life, the lower back is susceptible both to sudden injury and to strain that can grow more painful over time. Thankfully, chronic lower back pain does not have to be an inevitability as long as you pay some attention to your day-to-day movements.   […]

Chiropractic Treatment: Healthy Aging for all Canadians

Chiropractic Treatment at Synergy Health Centre: Healthy Aging for all Canadians Healthy Aging In Canada, the average life expectancy is increasing and is reported as 80 for males and 84 for females; however, are Canadians living full, active and healthy lives as they age? In reality, active living is crucial for healthy aging, maintenance of quality […]

I’m Back: Dr. Jamie Grimes Returns

MY SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! Thank you so much for your patience, well wishes and offers of support while I was injured. Many of you have been calling to know when I am back in action. I am so happy to say I will be back to work on Monday Mar 21st! Playing hockey, a fall […]

ILN In To Great Health Camp at Synergy Health Centre

ILN In TO Great Health Camp with Cordelia McFadyen R.H.N kicks off this January! Here’s everything you need to know up Inspired Living Nutrion’s upcoming camp at Synergy Health Centre.   WHEN: Sunday January 17, 24, 31 and February 7 from 11:30am-1:00pm WHERE: The Wellness Centre @ Synergy Health Centre (Quadra & Mackenzie) WHY: To […]