ILN In TO Great Health Camp with Cordelia McFadyen R.H.N kicks off this January! Here’s everything you need to know up Inspired Living Nutrion’s upcoming camp at Synergy Health Centre.

WHEN: Sunday January 17, 24, 31 and February 7 from 11:30am-1:00pm

WHERE: The Wellness Centre @ Synergy Health Centre (Quadra & Mackenzie)

WHY: To kick the new year off right with specific nutritional tools to help you shed pounds, get better sleep, catch fewer colds and to improve your overall health and wellness through a comprehensive booklet that provides you with meal plans, tips and other useful ways to up your food game.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Everyone participant shall receive a custom created 4-week workbook that will help guide you on the path to healthy eating while providing an opportunity to learn about a new nutritional focus every week for 4 weeks.

You’ll also meet in a group environment every Sunday at Victoria’s Synergy Health Centre where Cordelia will review the week’s healthy focus and talk to that specific system and what food’s and habits we’ll want to incorporate for the week ahead (30-45mins). After that an expert guest speaker will teach you something new, and again, will relate it back to that week’s nutritional focus.

Some guest speakers (yoga and personal trainer!) will provide an active session so be prepared to move! Guest speakers will include a yoga instructor, Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopathic practitioner and personal trainer (guest sessions 45mins). In addition to each weeks group session you will each receive a weekly 30-minute personal consultation with Cordelia to ask further questions and receive personalized feedback.

HOW MUCH: $397 + taxes per person (can be split into 2 payments of $198.50 +taxes)


WEEK 1 – January 17th: Guest – Detox: Yoga teacher/herbalist for a gentle cleansing yoga routine for the week. Leslie to lead.

WEEK 2 – January 24th: Guest – Digestion/Gut health: Homeopathy with Tamsin.

WEEK 3– January 31st: Guest – Sleep/Stress: Personal Trainer – how exercise helps stress and help. Personal Trainer TBD.

WEEK 4 – February 7th: Guest – Immunity/Metabolism: ND – Dr. MJ Atkins (Synergy)

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