Energy Leaks = Dysfunction = Pain

When you exercise, train, or compete without effective alignment and control you waste energy in movements which do not propel you forward. In effect you’re wasting this energy, and even worse this is providing the energy necessary to break down and overuse certain tissues. Let’s use the lower body and knee as an example; when we over pronate, or rotate in at the hip, we lose effective alignment. This causes our joints to lose centration (joint centered in a position of maximal effective contact) and the ability of our joints to pass force developed by our muscles to the next joint, up through our body to propel us forward. When either the foot (over pronation) or hip (rotating in and knees coming together) lose centration, we create and energy leak at the knee. This energy leak often creates knee Pain and can be attributed to causing multiple repetitive strain injuries in the knee, feet, and hip. This energy leak decreases efficiency and therefore has a drastic effect on performance.  By having your mechanics properly assessed by a medical professional, one can determine their energy leak, the primary cause, and resolve the problem before injury. Removing energy leaks will provide one with the efficiency to increase performance and ability to propel oneself forward in training and competition.


Written by

Tyler Evans


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